I enjoy teaching several courses in the Bachelor and Master of Applied Informatics at the Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt. A full list of my courses is available from our campus system.

I am also responsible for designing the Bachelor and Master curricula in Applied Informatics.

Softwarepraktika, Research- and Praxissemesters

Practical courses give master students the opportunity to participate in (large) industrial software projects or to get in touch with the scientific research performed in our research group. For performing a practical course at a company, students are encouraged to get in touch with the company and propose a project. For performing a practical course within our research group, please drop me an email.

Assignments in Industry (Softwarepraktika, Praxissemesters)

We collaborate with a number of companies in Carinthia, such as Mazda IT, Peaksolutions, Skidata, Dynatrace, Infineon, and many others. They offer assignments for Softwarepraktika and Praxissemesters. Please contact the company for open assignments or drop me an email.

Assignments at SERG (Forschungssemester)

These assignments are performed within our research group. They offer students an excellent opportunity to get in touch with an internationally renowned research group in the area of software engineering. We offer a professional environment and, for some assignments, also a financial compensation for excellent work.

Various assignments in the areas of mining software repositories, program analysis, software visualization, and automating software engineering tasks are available. Note, for all our assignments, candidates need to a have a very strong background in programming.

Interested? Please drop me an email to discuss the assignments in more detail.